Più di un programma fedeltà

Thanks to our platform, you will remunerate only for very valid actions.
Fully automatic system,
Transversal to every kind of business.

Increased foot traffic

Reward check-in in your store.

Let new customers know you with their simple entry into your store..

Increased Visibility

Reward user photos.

Increase the visibility of your business thanks to photos taken and shared within your store.

Increased Sales

Reward the purchases.

Through the app you can directly remunerate user purchases and retain new customers

Marketing in store

Prizeme, rewarding the operations performed by smartphone inside the store, increases customer interactions by enriching the experience and creates a fundamental link between online and off-line activities.

Business functionality

Manage everything from your smartphone on your own. Thanks to a dedicated section of the App, it is possible to check the statistics and create prizes in a simple and fast way.

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