Naples on 16/07/2018

Not even a year after the release on digital stores, Prizeme signs an important agreement with Nexi S.p.A.


Prizeme is the first application in the world that transforms customers into micro-influencers, people able to influence the decision of other customers with their behavior. The main innovation is that App’s users do not earn points only by buying, but also by doing many others actions within both the affiliated and non-affiliated stores.


<< Our vision sees us engaged in the creation of new techniques for involving consumers, focusing a lot on the satisfaction achieved by customers in stores and on involvement through the Game >> says Vincenzo Chianese, one of the founders and CTO of SinAppSys S.r.l., the company that developed Prizeme and that owns the brand.


Users of the App can send photos of receipts, selfies, perform missions or publish photos of shops and products on their social profiles. For each of these actions, customers earn Prizy (Points) thanks to which they can redeem prizes or discount coupons directly from their mobile phones.


Prizeme is the most complete solution on the market that allows small retailers to use new digital marketing techniques without investing capital.


The agreement signed with Nexi S.p.A. foresees that Prizeme will be available within the APP Store of the SmartPOS, the latest generation terminals that Nexi will distribute exclusively for Italy. Thanks to the SmartPOS © it will be possible to create an ever stronger link between the digital world and the real world, stimulating digital payments and multi-channel solutions.


Thanks to the partnership with Nexi, Prizeme’s forecast is to reach fifteen thousand new users a week with an exchange of about 5 million of Prizies.


The company SinAppSys S.r.l., is formed by a young and heterogeneous force that capitalizes a long experience in advanced biometric security technologies and has focused on the development of Apps for smartphones since 2009. In the last period the company has developed a range of products within the “Proximity Experience”, a particular branch of Proximity Marketing, of which Prizeme turns out to be the spearhead.


Prizeme can be downloaded for free on Apple and Google stores for iPhone and Android.